Your bucket list. What should be on it?

Defining the places you should see in your lifetime is on everyone’s lips. Otherwise known as your bucket list, it’s come to define what you want to do. What’s more, it’s entirely individual and totally subjective.VRDay6120JJP_5865

Your list, whatever is on it offers a real talking point. Like an opinion, there are no “rights or “wrongs”. Some people might want to see Eiffel Tower, Stone Henge and climb Mount Everest, whilst others would want to dine at Café de Paris in Monaco, drive their exotic sportscar through the twists and turns of the Stelvio Pass or take a private water taxi in Venice (as opposed to a gondola!).

It’s been said that you know what’s on your bucket list once you completed it – it’s certainly helpful food for thought. Seems bizarre, but the phrase “bucket list” is now an acceptable part of our language. There was even a film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman about fulfilling their lists.

At Oliver Myles Events, our luxury rallies are helping our guests bring their “bucket list” to life. Focusing on the luxury, OME has organised 5 rallies to date. Ultimate destinations include Venice, Monaco and the circuit at Spa Francorchamps in Belgium, but it’s where you pass through that helps to serve to tick items off the lists of our guests. Driving your car through continental Europe with your partner of choice, staying in some of Europe’s finest hotels, sampling the greatest wines and eating exquisite food is rolling a number of people’s ultimate destinations into one.

It’s also great for the soul. Guests meet other likeminded people – many have stayed in touch, and even go on holiday together. There’s the sampling of different languages, cultures, scenery that has to be seen to the believed.

This is not excessive abandon, just seeing all those great sights that are breath-taking. So when you are day-dreaming at work – when you should be considering your month end report or campaign calendar – think about sampling the finest Europe can offer and give Oliver Myles a call.

With more awe-inspiring rallies linked up in 2016 and beyond, organising your place should be high up on your to do list.

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