Why contingency planning should be top of your list when planning your event – of any size

Unless you’ve been living on Planet Zogg for the last 6 months, you’ll realise there has a dramatic migration crisis sweeping Europe. Calais has become a focal point for the desperate attempts by migrants to leave their troubles behind.

What this has meant is train and ferry journeys between Dover and Calais being disrupted quite heavily. Journeys have been affected, travelling times to and from the continent have lengthened substantially and plenty of frustration has resulted for commercial and personal travelling.

Obviously, that’s not taking into account the plight of the migrants. However, what this humanitarian challenge has reaffirmed is the need for contingency planning to be involved in all projects – in our case event planning.

Often, there’s going to be situations where you have zero control over external factors, for example striking sailors at Calais, industrial action by tube workers on the Underground or similar. There’s zero point worrying about things outside your control, but you can plan for them. And you should do.

On our forthcoming Riviera Rally, we decided well in advance to book all cars and drivers onto the Dover to Dunkirk ferry, in addition to the return Flexi ticket for the Eurotunnel. It’s just a swell we did. Whilst the reported issues out of Calais have decreased, there is still tension and cancellations can show their ugly head. So when our drivers leave Goodwood on 6th September, they will set off safe in the knowledge that they will cross the Channel unhindered – either by train or ferry.
Here we list our key to planning your event or project. These helpful tips will keep you sane and enjoy a stress-free event:

  • Costs factoring. When planning your event or project, this is the time to include costs that are your contingency costs – added insurance, additional routes of travel etc. The money men in your business maybe against this as it will eat into your margin, yet the PR of a good event will stand long in the memory of your clients. Uplift the costs to ensure you get the same amount of margin with contingency included.
  • Have a plan and timetable in the run up to and including the day(s) of your events. Stick to it.
  • Delegate to other team members, if you can.
  • Communicate with all your stakeholders – internal and external. Keep them on the inside as regards essential communications – especially if something could hinder the event/project e.g. LU strike, weather etc.
  • Don’t worry. Worrying isn’t going to do anyone any good

With the Riviera Rally leaving this Saturday 5th September at 8am, the drivers and their partners are currently getting themselves ready for an amazing trip down to Monte Carlo, by taking in France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy before reaching the Principality.

Lots of pictures and reports to follow!