What’s Clay Pigeon Shooting All About?

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport that has captivated enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, offering a blend of skill, precision, and the timeless appeal of marksmanship. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, providing a thrilling challenge that combines the beauty of nature with the satisfaction of hitting a moving target.

What is clay pigeon shooting


What is Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting, or clay shooting, is a shooting sport that involves firing a shotgun to break clay targets flung into the air at high speeds. This sport is designed to simulate field shooting and can be done in various styles, such as trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays, each with its unique rules and target trajectories.


The Equipment and Techniques

To participate in clay pigeon shooting, one requires a shotgun, typically over and under, side-by-side, or a semi-automatic. Shooters use cartridges loaded with steel pellets, known as shot. The technique involves tracking the clay, leading the target, and firing so that the shot meets the clay in its flight path.


Is Clay Pigeon Shooting a Sport?

Yes, clay pigeon shooting is a recognised sport that tests the shooter’s ability to hit moving targets. It is a sport of concentration, hand-eye coordination, and timing. The competitive aspect of clay pigeon shooting adds to its appeal, with numerous local, national, and international competitions held annually.

Why is it called clay pigeon shooting


Clay Pigeon Shooting as a Competitive Pursuit

Competitive clay pigeon shooting has various categories and classes, allowing shooters of different skill levels to participate. Competitions are governed by strict rules regarding equipment, ammunition, and shooting procedures, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.


Is Clay Pigeon Shooting an Olympic Sport?

Clay pigeon shooting is indeed an Olympic sport, with events such as trap and skeet being included in the games. Olympic shooters are the best in their field, demonstrating exceptional skill and precision under the pressure of international competition.


Why is it Called Clay Pigeon Shooting?

The term ‘clay pigeon shooting’ originates from the use of live pigeons in shooting competitions. With the advent of animal welfare considerations, live targets were replaced with clay discs, which are still colloquially referred to as ‘pigeons’. The ‘clay’ part of the name comes from the material originally used to manufacture the targets.

The Evolution of Clay Targets

Over time, the composition of clay pigeons has evolved to be more environmentally friendly. Modern clay targets are made from biodegradable materials that minimise their impact on the environment, breaking down naturally over time.

what is clay shooting?


What is Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Laser clay pigeon shooting is an innovative form of the sport that uses no live ammunition. Instead, participants use de-activated shotguns that have been modified to emit a laser beam when the trigger is pulled. Reflective clays register hits from the laser, and electronic scoreboards track the shooters’ success.

What to wear for clay pigeon shooting?


The Appeal of Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

This form of clay pigeon shooting is particularly appealing for corporate events, family gatherings, and team-building activities because it is safe and inclusive. It allows people who may be hesitant about traditional shooting to participate and enjoy the challenge of the sport.


Clay Pigeon Shooting on the Thames

One of the most unique experiences offered is clay pigeon shooting on the Thames. This day activity combines the traditional aspects of the sport with the stunning backdrop of one of the UK’s most famous rivers. You can enjoy the thrill of the sport while taking in the sights of the Thames, making it an ideal activity for those looking to experience clay pigeon shooting in a novel and memorable setting.

clay pigeon shooting on the thames

Sail towards the Thames Barrier, where expert instructors await to guide you through the thrill of shooting against a backdrop of London’s architectural wonders. Post-shooting, celebrate with a gourmet lunch and open bar on your return journey, enjoying sights like the Tower Bridge. This all-inclusive experience features professional event management, top-notch equipment, and coveted prizes, all for £329 + VAT per person.

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