What type of events does your company hold?

There are many types of events that your company can hold. All with the end aim of building your relationships with clients or staff. Here is our list of suggestions.

Business dinners – One of the most traditional business events, business dinners can be held for a range of reasons, from celebrating milestones to simply getting together with employees and clients. Why not make the dinner go with some swing by adding some entertainment between courses.

Golf tournaments – An annual golf tournament is a good way to increase customer loyalty, reward employees, and acquire new customers. You could use your golf event to raise money for a charity of your choice.

Product launches –  A product or service is something to shout about so why not turn it into an event with a launch party, It’s a good way to get customers excited and by making the evening really special it can generate media coverage. We have arranged product launches as far afield as South Africa but you don’t have to go that far.

Team building– Remember the old adage the team that plays together stays together, it might be a cliché but there is truth in it. There is nothing like a day of fun activities to build relationships that are invaluable in the office.

Award ceremonies-  Boost employee morale by hosting an event to honour them for all of the things they’ve done for your company.  Why not make it an evening when they can bring partners that they can shine in front of.

Board meetings – These prestigious meetings let you cover your company’s recent progress and discuss future goals and strategies. We can suggest some fabulous unusual and discreet venues, where you can hold your discussion in private. Then why not round of the meeting with a fabulous dinner.

Seminars – Seminars are educational events for managers, employees, or even the general public. They can have a single speaker or multiple speakers throughout the seminar. By running a seminar you make yourself the industry expert to your potential clients.

VIP Hospitality– Invite your top clients or prospects to a VIP event, like Henley Royal Regatta, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon or a concert or show,  where we will help you create some happy memories. We always think seats in a Box at a sporting event or concert is always a great way to get close and chat to your guests.

Staff parties – Celebrate your success with the people who helped to make it happen at a summer or Christmas party. Whether you are a smaller company who wants to join a larger shared party or prefer something bespoke  we are here to help and advise and to run the event on the night so you can relax and join in.


So what will your next event be?