The Royal experience still thrives on board the Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia (RYB) – now safely ensconced as a tourist attraction in Edinburgh – was always regarded as a floating Royal Palace. It served the Royal Family for 44 years, hosted honeymoons and holidays for the majestic family and held nearly 1000 state visits. Incredible statistics.

The RYB was always regarded as a haven for The Queen and her family to escape to – when time permitted. Commissioned by King George VI – The Queen’s father – in 1952, it was decommissioned in 1997 – costs for her upkeep were starting to tell. Sadly, King George VI would not see her launched in 1953. With so many rich memories and experiences of meeting influential and engaging guests, you’ll understand it was an emotional occasion with its decommissioning from active service in 1997. Every single clock on board was reset to 3.01pm – the time The Queen last left this floating masterpiece.

Today, the yacht is permanently docked in Edinburgh and serves as a tourist attraction, with every clock on board pointing to 3.01pm – recalling the moment the Queen stepped off its gangplank for the very last time.

It is an exclusive experience for guests to visit the RYB. The majesty and finery of the ship has been kept to wow and impress visiting guests. The RYB is no longer seaworthy. However, this is an experience that guests of Oliver Myles Events’ enjoyed and revelled in with dinner and entertainment on 8th and 9th December.

As guests toured the corridors that The Queen and her family had wandered on countless occasions, the atmosphere was soaked up and enjoyed by everyone.

A “Black Tie” event, the sparkle and glamour shone through the sumptuous meal and the repartee between new and old friends flowed.

The menu for the evening:



Cured salmon, west coast crab, pickled cucumber & crème fraiche


Dry aged beef fillet, fondant potato, braised carrots & port jus


Citrus cheesecake, grapefruit sorbet & pistachio sponge


Coffee & hand-made petit fours

At this juncture, the Oliver Myles team stepped into the background for the guests to enjoy the entertainment and the carefully selected range of wines to complement the menu. However, the Oliver Myles team were on hand for questions, queries and requests – on this occasion they weren’t required.

It was a wonderful evening, and it teed up the forthcoming festive period for many – we’re glad this event was the start to the 2018 Christmas and New Year period.

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