Staff Engagement – Under the Sea Balloon Workshop for British Land PLC

British Land staff engagement event with Oliver Myles Events

Under-the-sea Balloon workshop

Engaged staff are more productive, loyal and committed; and that’s the reason why every month British Land organises a staff engagement event. Rewarding and educational; what’s not to love?

One Friday afternoon, British Land commissioned Oliver Myles Events to provide the educational and engagement element for one of their events. The solution? An Under-the-sea Balloon workshop. Yes!

What’s an under-the-sea balloon workshop, I hear you ask?

A coral reef complete with brightly coloured sea-creatures such as clown fish, anemone and octopus. There was also a scuba diver to greet the staff, who had all left their desks ready to engage their brains in a different way.

The scene was perfect as the colourful and inspiring setting helped the staff learn how to make their balloon fish and / or octopus. Countless selfies were taken with their inflated sea life animals. An award-winning balloon artist demonstrated how to make a large, yet simple, googly eyed balloon fish, and/or octopus. Afterwards, many octopuses were seen filtering through London’s streets.

British Land

LSE plc listed, British Land, are a leading UK commercial property company focused on high-quality retail and London offices. Their strategy is to provide places which meet the needs of customers and respond to changing lifestyles – Places People Prefer.

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