Look for the hidden gems in the hotels you’re booking….

Six top tips for the booking of your event.

Value is defined by everyone in different ways. If we all liked the same things, life would be incredibly dull, wouldn’t it?

We picked up this article written in the fashionista’s must have The Stylist recently.

You might look at this and think “Wow, I haven’t an infinite budget”. Especially if you are considering organising a corporate event or indeed a weekend away. Yet, by doing your research you can find out more than the mere scraps thrown around on social media.

Here’s six top tips from Oliver Myles Events:

• Engage an experienced agency. A good one – like Oliver Myles Events – will know all the good hotels, venues etc to match your budget. This is not just restricted to London and the obvious places. A good agency will have their network spread across the Globe.
• If you are planning on running this event alone, then we suggest you connect with a local agent in the territory you’re planning on. They can help with translation, negotiation, logistics and general enquiries.
• Use online facilities like TripAdvisor, their own website, social media to draw up a short list to really get under the skin of the venue. Also, contact the venue and get their brochure and portfolio.
• If you can, visit your short list with your agency or local agent. This is good for peace of mind and contingency planning.
• Have a budget and stick to it.
• Some hotels will offer fantastic swimming pools (like the link above), others will other innovative and creative conferencing, whilst you’ll get first-class catering or spa facilities – it all depends on your needs to deliver that Je’ ne sais quoi.
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With Christmas only a matter of months away, this is the best time to start your planning and rewarding your staff and/or clients after a successful 2015.

Merry Christmas!