Had enough of Christmas? We’ve only just started!

Christmas is on everyone’s lips. We might want to bury our heads in the sand until 1st December, but the festive season is looming large.

  • Selfridges opened their dedicated Christmas hall of goods in July
  • Tesco stores will start their seasonal activities on Friday, 28th August
  • Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor starting is a hint to many that the festive season is starting. After all, the winners of both competitions are crowned the week before the fat bearded one dressed in red tries to squeeze his posterior down the chimney.
  • Is anyone waiting for the Coca Cola lorry to herald the start of the traditional festive season anymore?

We blogged recently on August and September being the best times to organise your work/staff Christmas function. We had a few comments back stating that it’s only August! We agree totally with these sentiments, but when discussing your needs for a party to reflect on a hard, successful year the early bird definitely catches the worm! As we stated recently by starting the planning now, you get exactly the function you want. Two businesses have already taken heed of our advice and got in touch and have booked very distinct functions for their staff so they can plan and look forward to the festive season (despite it being four months away). By starting your planning now, you get exactly what you want to meet your budget, requirements, location and staff taste. You can also book the entertainment, without the pressure that you have to find somewhere and someone last minute. You can also weave the prospect of the forthcoming Christmas party into staff performance over the remaining quarter of 2015. Sales incentives and staff performance can all cap a great function (one night or a weekend maybe?). We can source smaller, more personal dining experiences for smaller teams/businesses whilst for bigger clients, we have access to a huge portfolio of highly exclusive venues across the UK  that will meet all budgets, but you need to be quick. They won’t be available the nearer you get to Christmas. Also, we’re not all about finding shared Christmas parties – you want it personal and exclusive, don’t you? Our abilities in negotiating the very best function for you comes from developing and nurturing highly beneficial relationships with such venues and performers. We are trusted not only by our clients but also the suppliers/venues we lean on.  We are only happy when you are. All that leaves me to say is can we introduce an advent calendar for the corporate world that starts on 1st September…. To discuss your festive function needs, please call us on 01442 345031.