Virtual Event – How to get away with Murder !

Can you plan the perfect murder and get away with it? Many people think they can, and in this event, we look at forensic and other evidence that Police use in their investigation of murders.

The event will be lead by Diane Ivory a former Scotland Yard Fingerprint Expert and Crime Scene Examiner with over 29 years’ experience of working across London, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Diane will talk you through the types of evidence Police use to help them solve murders and you will soon realise it is not as easy as you might think to kill someone and get away with it. Modern science and technology have made it exceedingly difficult to commit such a crime and remain undetected.

After considering everything at the Police’s disposal to solve a murder, participants are divided into teams and move into virtual rooms where they work together to devise what they think would be the perfect murder.

Will they get away with it or will they fall into the trap so many do and leave something obvious that will scupper them?

No one has yet been able to produce something that Diane hasn’t been able to pull apart and find the pitfalls. Will you be the first?


The masterclass will be delivered via Zoom or if you prefer, we will login to your own on-line format.

Your host will give your guests and overview of investigation techniques before guests are divided into teams in breakout rooms to plan the ‘perfect murder’.

They will come back together with their plan, only to see it fall part before their eyes as Diane shows why it will never work. Or will it?

Diane has a whole host of gory (and often funny) stories to tell following a  long and enjoyable career within fingerprints and forensics and she will entertain guests with these throughout.


1 1/2 Hours

What’s included:

  • On-line host and presenter, Diane Ivory
  • 90 minute interactive session
  • Technical support
Price per person + vat
Based on 25 guests * £90
Based on 40 guests + £79
Based on 50 guests + £75
•Minimum number 25 guests