Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

It is time to discover your Silent Witness skills with our on-line fingerprint techniques masterclass. Be aware, it is not as easy as you may think.

This is as enthralling as you could possibly imagine: under the personal guidance of a former Hong Kong Patrol Squadron officer, we will engage your group with tales of true-life crime and teach them some of the techniques to solve it for themselves, using real CSI equipment.

This fun and informative workshop is true “edu-tainment”  as guests learn and try for themselves how to take, lift and analyse fingerprints, then combine it with a series of fascinating tests from “Am I A Psychopath?” to “Real Life CSI”…


The masterclass will be delivered via Zoom or if you prefer, we will login to your own on-line format.

The packs will be sent out in advance to all guests ready for the event. Including the CSI kit with white suits, masks and gloves for people to wear.

Your host will then guide guests through the technique of dusting for and lifting fingerprints from a piece of evidence set out in the kit. It is down to the guests to identify the culprit from the evidence.

Interspersed with the practical work will be a series of fun quizzes.


1 ½ hours

What’s Included:

  • On-line host and presenter
  • 90 minute interactive session
  • Courier delivery of kits to all guests
  • The Black Box: CSI-labelled case.
  • CSI PPE: white hooded suit, filtered facemask, vinyl gloves
  • Fingerprinting: ink pad, fingerprinting tabs and magnifying cards, plus information sheets on types and features of prints
  • Lifting Prints: 2 CDs with a variety of prints already on them (sealed until needed in evidence bags); fingerprint dusting powder and brush;  lifting tabs
  • Quiz question/answer sheets: Psychopaths, CSI and Cops & Robbers
Price per person + vat
Based on 10 guests * £110
Based on  up to 20 guests** £ 99
* Minimum number 10 guests

**Larger groups can be accommodate with discussion