The Crown Jewels at the Tower of London

They are the greatest working collection of Crown Jewels in the world and priceless symbols of British monarchy. They are housed in the Jewel House at the Tower of London, the historic castle on the banks of the River Thames. This building has history woven into it’s very fabric has been used as a prison and a place of execution for traitors to the Crown.

You and your guests have the opportunity for a private viewing of the Crown Jewels. You will enter the Tower after it has closed to the public for your exclusive experience.

Guests will be met at the West Gate by a Yeoman Warder, who guard the Tower and the Jewels, who will take you on a short tour of the Tower before  escorting you to the Jewel House where you will hear the full history of these rare and unique pieces.

The atmosphere of the quiet paths and walkways surrounding the White Tower as dusk falls is not to be underestimated. It is an experience that will both delight and send shivers down your spine!

This bespoke event is suitable for groups of 15  guests and above. To take advantage of this exclusive event, call now on 01442 768110 to check availability for the next tour date.

Fun fact: The Crown Jewels contain three of the most famous diamonds in the world. One of which the Cullinan diamond also known as the “Great Star of Africa” and was actually cut from the biggest diamond ever found at the time and is 530.20 carats.