Thames Rib Boat Experience & Up at the O2 London

Thames Rib Boat Experience

The Thames RIB Experience offers an exhilarating speedboat tour that whisks you along the River Thames with a dash of James Bond-style flair. This thrilling Thames RIB adventure includes:

Departure Point:

Your journey begins at Boarding Gate One, conveniently located at the London Eye Pier. Here, you’ll meet your experienced skipper and prepare for the thrilling ride ahead.

Duration and Scenery:

Once aboard, you’ll spend approximately 40 minutes on the water. This tour isn’t just about speed; it’s also a unique way to view London’s most iconic landmarks. As you zip along the river, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the city’s skyline, offering a glimpse of London as an open-air museum with historical and modern architecture side by side.

Speed and Excitement:

The RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is capable of reaching speeds up to 35mph. The combination of high speed, the wind in your hair, and the boat’s nimble manoeuvres makes for an electrifying experience. The skipper might also throw in a few thrilling twists and turns to add to the excitement, all while ensuring safety and comfort.

Drop-off Location:

Your adventure concludes at North Greenwich Pier. This location is ideal for continuing your exploration of London, with easy access to the O2 Arena, the Emirates Air Line cable car, and other local attractions.

The Thames RIB Experience is perfect for those looking to add a bit of adventure to their sightseeing in London, combining thrilling speeds with spectacular views and a touch of cinematic glamour.

Combine your adrenaline-pumping Thames RIB boat journey with an exclusive climb Up at The O2 for a truly unforgettable day out in London:

Up at The O2 Climbing Experience

Up at The O2 Climbing Experience

  • Climb Details: Ascend to the peak of the O2 Arena, a climb reaching 52 metres above ground level. The experience offers a blend of excitement and challenge, suitable for adventure-seekers of all ages.
  • Views: At the summit, you’ll be treated to spectacular 360-degree panoramas of the London skyline. On a clear day, you can spot landmarks over 15 miles away, including historical sites and modern skyscrapers that define the city’s horizon.
  • Guided Experience: A knowledgeable climb guide will accompany your group, ensuring safety with harnesses and support lines, and enriching your ascent with stories and facts about London’s architectural marvels.
  • Group Size: The climb is ideal for groups of 12-24, making it a fantastic option for corporate outings, family gatherings, or special celebrations with friends.

Dining at Gaucho at the O2

Dining at Gaucho at the O2

After descending from your high-altitude adventure, you can continue the exclusivity with a private dining experience at Gaucho, situated within the O2 itself:

  • Private DiningGaucho Restaurant at the O2 offers a dedicated private room that can accommodate up to 24 guests. This space is perfect for hosting intimate dinners, whether it’s a family occasion or a corporate event.
  • Argentinian Cuisine: Gaucho is renowned for its rich Argentinian fare, focusing on premium cuts of beef and traditional dishes, all prepared with a contemporary flair. The three-course menu is carefully curated to provide a culinary journey through Argentina.
  • Wine Pairing: Each course is accompanied by a selection of fine wines, chosen to complement the flavours of the dishes and enhance your dining experience.

This combination of climbing at The O2 and dining at Gaucho provides a memorable blend of adventure, breathtaking views, and exquisite cuisine, making it a perfect way to experience some of the best offerings in London.

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Package Details and Pricing

  • Included: Forty-minute River Thames RIB experience, private climb at Up at The O2 London, and private dining at Gaucho at The O2.
  • Support: Oliver Myles Event Managers are on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Price: Thames RIB Experience price is £299 + VAT per person.