“Take Flight!” – aviation themed flight-simulation team challenge

Incorporating real-time flying simulation experiences.

Great for:

  • businesses and teams looking for a fun, team challenge
  • team building
  • exploring team dynamics and collaboration

Activity overview

This activity is exciting, fun and competitive!  It will appeal to so many individuals and teams as it incorporates real-time flying simulation experiences, an activity on many people’s bucket-list. This aspect of the challenge is high adrenaline and exciting, where you experience the feeling of actually flying a plane or helicopter. To be able to offer this as part of a company team-building event is fantastic, and even the most cynical of individuals cannot fail to be engaged and impressed.

“It’s not easy, but people learn fast and do it – spurred on no doubt by an innate competitiveness within the team.”


More Information

Developed by aviation professionals, Take Flight has been designed for participants to engage with each other in a number of true-to-life aviation scenarios.

The teams will take part in a variety of time critical challenges.

These vary from cognitive, creative and physical, such as:

  • piloting – on professional flight simulators
  • air traffic control logic
  • aerobatic manoeuvring, and
  • aeronautical radio-telephony.

The challenges require a blend of communication, flexibility, trust, skill, concentration, fast learning and strategic planning to complete.

Set-up and other details

The room is set up with various stations referred to as ‘gates’ and a large ‘Flight Ops Table’ is placed in the centre of the room. Each gate is staffed by a Flight crew member who scores the team challenges and awards points (Av-coins).

Each gate has a different breakout activity / challenge. The exact challenges will be confirmed but as an example:

Gate 1:              A Flight Simulator, for a navigation-based exercise

Gate 2:               Cabin Crew Training

Gate 3:               Flight Deck Orientation (Cockpit Procedure Training)

Gate 4:               Aviation Quickfire Activities

Gate 5:              Pilot Reaction Tests

Gate 6:               Flight Simulator for Take-off/Landing micro-mission

Gate 7:               Paper wings Aerodynamics & Course.


Delegates are divided into small teams, appropriately named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta etc. After the welcome and briefing, each team receives their ‘crew pack’ and the clock is started. Teams move to their first gate. The schedule is on a large screen with an departures/arrivals airport style timetable.

Once all the challenges have been completed, each team coordinator populates the flight “Ops Table” with the Av-coins earned by the team. There is also a final Pilot Reaction Test for one person from each team.

The event culminates in a ceremony with announcement of the winning team, as well as winners of other categories along the lines of ‘Best Flying Delegate” “Best ‘top gun’ pilot traits”.

The activity can take place over a half or full day. Given the equipment involved, the space needed for this activity (based an around 30 people taking part) is approximately 15m x 10m. There are multiple venues we can recommend.

If you like the sound of this event, please get in touch .

Telephone: 01442 768 110 or email: hello@olivermyles.co.uk