Tablet Treasure Hunt

Hold your breath….for the most innovative team game experience on the market.

We have harnessed the latest technology in a bespoke ‘app’  to deliver a powerful and exciting event which will be tailored to fit your event.

After taking your team photo (which will appear as your team marker on the map and scoreboard!), you’ll head through to the  Google maps screen where you’ll see what challenges you have to complete

You’ll have GPS challenges to unlock (where you’ll have to be in a specific location to activate your tasks), or Image Recognition challenges to complete (where you’ll have to scan an image, plaque, beer mat, label or indeed anything we choose to unlock your tasks!).

Your game will include questions and challenges using every type of multimedia at our disposal:

Video, Audio, Images, Augmented Reality – the latest way to combine fantasy with real life

You will receive instant feedback on your answers, live messages from your Event Manager and status updates from all of the teams. We’ll include bonus challenges when you reach certain point thresholds, timed questions, a live scoreboard and more curveballs than you can throw a….well, a curveball at!


Why not add an extra dimension with a fleet of black cabs to ferry your teams from location to location. The driver becomes part of the fun as they use their ‘knowledge’ to help the teams in the hunt. And there is no need to worry that you will be bored in your cabs as you drive from point to point as there are always plenty of anytime tasks to indulge in.

taxi treasure hunt


At the end of the event you’ll return to base for the results session which will include a presentation of your best photos and videos over lunch.


Your package includes:


  • Tablets for the teams
  • Themed Treasure Hunt course
  • Event Team to run the Hunt
  • Video presentation of the action
  • Pre event liaison and site visit/s
  • Oliver Myles Event Management throughout.



Price  from per person £ 149 + vat

(based on a minimum of  10 guests)