StrideOut Team Building

The power of leadership and collaboration through horsemanship

A Unique Staff Development Experience

Working closely with horses helps us evaluate how we communicate and interact with those around us in business and in our personal lives, with powerful results.
Spending time with horses is also proven to reduce stress levels and hugely benefit our overall wellbeing.


How it Works

Our StrideOut sessions are non-ridden and led by a team with extensive senior management experience and a deep understanding of horsemanship. Under their expert guidance, using observation and non-verbal messaging, participants will build connections and establish trust with the horses, through tailored activities throughout the day.


What you Achieve

Attendees will start to understand the most subtle behavioural cues of each horse and how to adapt their own behaviour, body language and communication style to get the best out of them. These are powerful and valuable lessons in collaboration, influencing and partnering that can be directly transferred into the workplace.

They will leave StrideOut feeling calm and re-energised, filled with confidence and self belief, and a new found mindfulness for others.