Escape the Secret Studio!

Secret Studio is an exciting retro-themed mystery escape game. You and your team are locked inside the headquarters of ‘Secret Studio Films’, a (fictional) down-at-heel schlock movie production office which hasn’t seen the light of day since 1979.

You have an hour to solve the puzzles inside the room and unlock the secrets to escape. Work together as a team to try and beat the clock.

This fun and interactive event is suitable for groups of people on any occasion. The Secret Escape Team have welcomed Stag and Hen parties, friends celebrating Birthdays or other occasions and groups of friends or work colleagues just looking for a fun night out. On the flip side, the Secret Room Games Masters have hosted recruitment events where complete strangers have been thrown together and asked to work as a team to find the solution to the puzzles in the secret room.

This event is perfect if you simply want to have fun, have a requirement for the participants to learn something about themselves or you simply want them to work together to form a tight-knit team. The puzzles in the room are both subtle and very clever and the participants will be taken on a clever journey where nothing is quite as it seems. We can reassure you from experience that the event is completely inclusive, no matter the level of your deductive skills, no-one will feel left out. The final outcome will get them talking and reliving elements of the event for days to come!

The Secret Rooms location is… well, secret! But it is close to some really good areas for having a debrief afterwards. There are formal and informal dining options and places to meet and have a drink before the event too.

Centrally located, close to Liverpool Street Station, we can also arrange drinks and very good canapes or small plates at the venue. We work with an amazing chef who trained at Le Gavroche.

The Secret Room experience is suitable for between two and twenty four guests per session but larger groups can be catered for too, ask us for details.

Included in your Package:

  • Oliver Myles Event Management throughout
  • Welcome drink at a stylish venue close to the secret room
  • Access to one of four secret rooms
  • One Games Maker per group to assist and guide where necessary
  • Canapes or small plates
  • Beer, wine and soft drinks for the debrief

Prices from £99 per person +vat

Sample canape selections
Goats curd profiteroles, honey & rosemary
Whipped cod’s roe, olive & radish
Cured trout, horseradish cream
Wild boar & apricot sausage roll
Avocado, broad beans & pickled chilli
Aubergine tart & pistachio pesto
Nori cracker, wakame emulsion
Beef tartare, salted egg yolk
Crab toast, pickled radish