Crime Scene Investigation – Team challenge

The chance to experience life as a murder squad detective.

Great for:

  • businesses and teams looking for a fun, challenging and interesting activity
  • team building

Activity overview

With a murder scene designed by former Scotland Yard detectives and set up for a real forensic investigation, the challenge is to establish who, out of the three possible suspects, committed the crime, and how / why.

Our forensic expert will outline the crime and we’ll provide information packs which include details of suspects and all the vital data necessary (DNA profiles, teeth maps, etc) to undertake the task. Teams set to work exploring the evidence found at the ‘scene of the crime’ and use a range of techniques from fingerprint dusting to hair analysis and blood spatter analysis.

A condensed version of the investigation can also be delivered alongside lunch and dinner.


Example schedule: afternoon plan

1.00pm: Colleagues arrive

1.30pm: Crime scene briefing. Activity starts

3.00pm: Break

3.20pm: Crime Scene activity continues

4.00pm: Crime scene elements draw to a close

4.05pm: CSI music quiz

4.15pm: Teams present conclusions

4.30pm: Crime facts and answers revealed, and winners announced


Indicative costs:

Allow from around £150 + VAT per person

  • Based on 30 guests
  • Depending on venue and location

To include:

  • Crime area set up and all props, materials and evidence
  • Body suits, mask & gloves
  • All activities and forensic equipment
  • Forensic specialist
  • Prizes for the winning team
  • Venue hire
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Pre-event liaison and site visit/s
  • Oliver Myles Event Management throughout