Definitely a cool event – Flakt Woods product launch runs perfectly thanks to Oliver Myles Events

Fläkt Woods UK Limited is a leading global supplier of air-technology based solutions for Buildings, focusing on air comfort & fire safety. Fläkt Woods develops, manufactures, markets and distributes intelligent air-technology based solutions with energy-efficient products and system solutions for:

  • Indoor air climate for buildings
  • Air movement for equipment and processes for infrastructure and industry

Fläkt Woods UK Ltd was formed in 2002 as a result of a number of mergers and acquisitions. However, the Fläkt Woods business can trace its roots back to 1909 when they started their design, manufacture and distribution of motors to suit different voltages. Back in these early days of the 20th Century, the company was ahead of the competition, and led industry.

The event

When Fläkt Woods wanted to launch their ReCooler HP, Oliver Myles Events was introduced to the team and tasked with a very challenging event. The requirements for the event:

  • Secure a central London venue that demonstrates the superb reputation of Fläkt Woods whilst also has the space to host the ReCooler HP. Its dimensions are 2.35m wide x 1.2m deep x 1.5m high
  • Organise a themed event that reflects on the ReCooler’s ability to heat and cool in the workplace
  • Keep within specified budget with the launch to take place before the conclusion of 2014.

The ReCooler HP

The ReCooler HP is an impressive piece of hardware. With user functionality at its heart, the ReCooler has the following incredible benefits:

  • The ability to warm and cool the working environment
  • Industry leading reliability – very little downtime enhancing peace of mind
  • With incredibly low noise emissions, clients and users will hardly know the ReCooler is there
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Fast and low cost installation

Whilst packaging is kept to a minimum, to enable the ReCooler HP to provide the substantial benefits its size would mean a challenge in sourcing a suitable location where the ReCooler would fit and so the invited guests could appreciate the benefits of the Air Conditioning Product of the Year 2014 at the HVR Awards

The solution

With over 60 years industry experience, the team at Oliver Myles used all their experience and knowledge to come up with a list of venues that could be applicable. A site visit would confirm whether access and space would enable the ReCooler to fit.

Once visited with the team Fläkt Woods, The Building Centre at Store Street, London was chosen. It had the right mix of ambience and relatively to the product being launched. It could also ensure the 80 guests ranging from clients, media, staff and other important stakeholders could mix and enjoy the event and the presentations to launch this inventive product.

Oliver Myles brought real creativity to the product launch too:

  • Floor protection to ensure the ReCooler didn’t damage the Building Centre’s floor
  • Cocktails with themed dry-ice
  • Organisation of presentations for the guests
  • 1950’s styled usherettes brought round ice creams during the break in the presentations
  • Sourced a separate private bar to enable the hospitality to continue after the launch had come to a conclusion
  • Support staff provided by Oliver Myles including team of three staff to run registration desk and those staff to support the evening’s entertainment
  • And also those last minute considerations including …. locating a lab coat which was sourced and worn by one presenter. It was well received by the audience!

Client feedback

The event went very successfully. The client was delighted and the audience went away educated and reflective on a super night. The level of organisational detail brought to the launch by Oliver Myles was what was noted.

“Very well done on organising such a hugely successful and professional event.” Yan Evans – Vice President, UK & Ireland

“Thank you again. Everyone we have spoken to were very pleased with how the event turned out and they all had a great time. Definitely a success story! Thank you for making a bumpy journey run smooth.” James Griffiths – Regional Operational Marketing Manager

“From start to finish the Oliver Myles team were a pleasure to work with. They took our event brief and delivered it perfectly making the event preparation easy and stressfree. All the staff were very professional on the evening and we look forward to working with them again.” Rachel Willmott – Marketing Coordinator

As a result of this successful launch, Oliver Myles will be assisting Fläkt Woods in 2015 with a further three product launches. Success breeds further opportunities.

Have you a product launch to manage and you’re not sure where to start? Oliver Myles’ expertise is second-to-none and we can make a challenging event run smoothly. Call us on 01442 345051 or visit to find out more.