COVID –19 – What to do about events?

With everyone concerned about the effects of the Coronavirus we believe that in reality there may not be a better time to plan your event! Let me explain our thinking.

We believe that there has probably never been a better time to plan your corporate event, providing of course that you are sensible and mitigate for any risk. Venues are going to be crying out for people to confirm, which means that there will be deals to be had. The venue that you have always wanted to use but has just been out of your budget might now be within your reach.

As large scale indoor events are presenting a risk, then your exclusive summer event might be the only invitation your clients or employees get. Their day at the British Grand Prix might be under review, but your invitation to join you and a small group for a day’s shooting on the Thames in the fresh air might be the only invitation they want to accept. You might get to host the ‘key’ guest that had declined your previous invitations.

Do you normally take your team overseas on an incentive? There are plenty of fabulous, and remote, places to use in the UK instead. Avoid flights and trains by booking your own luxury coaches or limousines. We know of some venues that are on islands in the UK that you can take exclusively, lots of opportunities out there

Of course we are taking the news about COVID-19  seriously and it is a concerning time throughout the world, but as always happens in times of crisis we are forced to think of new ways to surmount problems and that forced thinking can lead to creativity and opportunity.

Why not be creative when minimising the risks – hold your event outside, keep the numbers small. How about a ‘masked ball’, with branded face masks? Branded hand gels available throughout. Advise guests in advance that the protocol of the day will not be to shake hands, but to use a Vulcan salute (or whatever your favourite Sci Fi greeting is)

You still have a business to run, with all the same goals. Let’s embrace these current challenges sensibly, creatively and positively, with the appropriate level of perspective and risk assessment.  If you want to talk through the opportunities and risk mitigation, then we are here for you, give us a call and lets see if we can help you achieve your goals.