Counting the cost of corporate entertainment.

Wonderful time of year. Well and truly into the Spring, tulips abound, weather is warming, days are longer. It’s also the season before Summer (explaining the obvious, I know!) and the English Summer!

There are events a plenty that make up the English Summer:

Chelsea Flower Show
Glorious Goodwood
Royal Ascot
and the list goes on. It really is wonderful.

It’s also a great time to celebrate with clients, guests and friends. Many businesses take advantage of this time of year to take clients and guests along to events that they “must be seen at”.

But do they?

We are very busy at present with calls for tickets to Wimbledon, Henley, Royal Ascot etc, and we’ll help all our clients ensure they have the best time possible at whatever event(s) they book with us. During some of these calls it is surprising how many callers are surprised just how expensive, for example, Royal Ascot is.

It’s true with a box, cuisine and refreshments throughout the day, the cost per person is approximately £900 (and that isn’t going directly to the course where it will be more). With marketing expenditure to be analysed and considered, £900 pp will be out of the reach of a lot of businesses.

However, just a few weeks later there is the Ascot Festival. In the same box, with the same menu and refreshments the costs are more in the region of £300 pp.

So when booking your next event, give some thought. Does the exclusive nature of the event mean the added expense has to be spent?

Give OME a call, we’d love to talk through the options with you.

Melanie Gibson-Walsh
Oliver Myles Events

Melanie Gibson-Walsh started in the hospitality and event industry in the 1980’s, in the days before the internet, selling tickets to West End shows in a 24 hour phone room, before going on to work for one of the top rock and pop promoters of the 1990’s. As Box Office Manager at one the nation’s favourite venues, The Royal Albert Hall, she could indulge in her passion for live performance arts.

Since leaving the Hall she has looked after both corporate and private clients in the UK, Europe and beyond.