Can hospitality be part of your lead generation strategy?

We are all working so hard these days at not only retaining our clients, but in gaining new ones via lead generation, and there are so many ways to do this, that sometimes your head is just ready to burst. With so many routes to your goal can entertaining your guests at a nice event be a viable option to add to your pot? Well of course we think so.

Why add hospitality to the mix? Well having established some warm leads why not try to take them to the next level by getting to know them better by inviting them along as a guest to an event you are hosting. You must careful of the event that you choose though, you don’t want to spend your marketing budget on an event where you see the guests at the start of the day and then they disappear to explore on their own, it’s all about spending time with them. For example a day’s racing somewhere like Ascot is a great invitation to receive, but make sure you keep your guests all in one place with a private box with its own balcony to watch the racing from.  One of our regular clients takes a box, each year and mixes new prospects with old clients, who will sing his praises. He chooses a date outside of Royal week as he can entertain up to 18 guests from just £225 per head instead of almost £800 per head during Royal week. He only needs to convert one prospect to make his investment worthwhile and in the meantime he is also making sure his regular clients are feeling cared for.

Maybe your prospects are inundated with invitations by your competitors so why should they choose yours? It is important to make your invitation stand out by offering something unusual, maybe something on their bucket list like a day gliding, or  a private show round of the Crown Jewels will prompt them not only to say yes but will ensure that they turn up on the day.

A lot of your prospects maybe business women and with so much traditional hospitality based around sport it is nice to send an invitation that is tailored for them. One of our clients has hosted a Ladies Day each year for 10-12 clients and prospects. It has become the ‘invitation’ to receive within their industry, how nice that now their prospects are waiting to be asked.

Entertaining your leads will help them get to know you better as a company and a person. Ask them to bring along a + one, who although might not be in a position to use your services might refer you if an opportunity arises. Above all use invitations to unique occasions to make yourself stand out from the crowd.