A Day at The Charlton Hunt Goodwood: An Insider’s Guide

A Day at The Charlton Hunt Goodwood: An Insider’s Guide

Welcome to a unique journey through one of Britain’s most storied and traditional sporting events: The Charlton Hunt Goodwood. Nestled in the heart of the Sussex countryside, this event captures the essence of British heritage and offers a splendid display of equestrian prowess. Join us as we explore the charm and history of this iconic hunt.

Charlton Hunt History

The Charlton Hunt boasts a rich tapestry of history that dates back to the early 18th century. Originally established as a premier fox hunt, it has evolved but retained its grandeur and traditional customs. Set against the backdrop of the magnificent Goodwood Estate, the hunt is intertwined with the history of British aristocracy and rural culture.

Each year, enthusiasts and newcomers alike gather here to relive and participate in a spectacle that has been a significant part of British social life. The historical landmarks of Goodwood provide a picturesque setting that seems almost unchanged by time, allowing participants to step back into a bygone era.

Exploring the Goodwood Estate

The Goodwood Estate itself is a marvel of historical preservation and cultural significance. With sprawling grounds and exquisite architecture, the estate offers more than just a venue for the hunt; it’s a glimpse into the lifestyle of the English gentry. The estate’s commitment to maintaining its historical integrity while hosting modern events is evident in every polished detail.

Visitors can explore the grounds, which are often open for tours that highlight not only the estate’s beauty but also its role in maintaining the British countryside. This blend of natural beauty and historical preservation makes Goodwood a key destination for anyone interested in British heritage.

Traditional British Hunts

A day at The Charlton Hunt Goodwood is filled with the customs and rituals of a traditional British hunt. Despite modern sensibilities, the hunt maintains many of its age-old traditions, offering a spectacle of horse and hound that continues to captivate. It’s a celebration of hunting traditions in the UK, showcasing the skills of both horses and riders in a thrilling chase.

For those new to the event, the experience is as educational as it is exciting, offering insights into the rules and etiquette that govern traditional hunts. The blend of adrenaline and tradition makes for a truly unique British experience.

Equestrian Events at Goodwood: Celebrating Horse and Heritage

Equestrian Events at Goodwood: Celebrating Horse and Heritage

Beyond the traditional hunt, the Goodwood Estate is renowned for its impressive array of equestrian events that capture the spirit and elegance of horseback sports. These events stand as a proud testament to the UK’s enduring bond with equestrian culture, drawing enthusiasts from both the domestic front and the international scene.

At Goodwood, the equestrian calendar is rich and varied, featuring everything from high-stakes races to meticulously judged show jumping competitions. Each event showcases the grace and agility of the horses, coupled with the skill and precision of the riders.

The Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival are particularly notable, incorporating displays of horsemanship that blend seamlessly with the historical and social fabric of the estate.

Racing at Goodwood

Racing is perhaps the most pulse-quickening among these sports. The Goodwood Racecourse, which hosts the prestigious Glorious Goodwood meeting, is one of the most scenic in the UK, known as much for its social prestige as for its challenging track. The races attract a high calibre of thoroughbreds and jockeys, and the competition is always fierce, making it a highlight of the British summer sporting season.

Show Jumping and Dressage

For those with a taste for precision and artistic flair, Goodwood’s show jumping and dressage events are a perfect fit. These competitions are not only a test of jumping ability but also an exhibition of the symbiotic relationship between horse and rider as they perform complex routines that require immense discipline and training. The elegance of dressage, in particular, resonates with the historical backdrop of the estate, reminding spectators of the centuries-old tradition of classical horsemanship.

Experience the Quintessence of Horse Racing at the Qatar Goodwood Festival

Set against the lush backdrop of the South Downs, the Qatar Goodwood Festival 2024 is a celebration of top-tier horse racing, blending thrilling competition with high fashion and vibrant social gatherings. Known affectionately as Glorious Goodwood, the festival spans five days, featuring premier races such as the Sussex Stakes and the Goodwood Cup.

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Polo at Goodwood

Polo, another highlight, adds a dynamic and glamorous element to the estate’s equestrian repertoire. The sport, often referred to as the “Sport of Kings”, finds a fitting venue at Goodwood, where the fast-paced action and strategic gameplay attract a stylish and enthusiastic crowd. The Goodwood Polo Club not only hosts competitive matches but also offers opportunities for novices to learn about the sport through clinics and demonstrations.

Year-Round Equestrian Activities

Moreover, Goodwood is a year-round destination for equestrian activities, providing something for every level of equestrian interest. Beyond competitive events, the estate offers riding schools and training sessions that are open to the public, promoting equestrian sports among new generations and providing them with opportunities to engage deeply with this aspect of British cultural heritage.

The comprehensive equestrian calendar at Goodwood reflects not only the estate’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the UK’s equestrian traditions but also its role in advancing the sport through inclusive, innovative, and high-quality events.

Whether you are a seasoned equestrian enthusiast or a newcomer eager to experience the beauty and thrill of horseback sports, the Goodwood Estate offers a peerless setting to explore and enjoy.


A Day at The Charlton Hunt Goodwood serves as a portal into the grandeur of British equestrian traditions, blending the historic charm of fox hunting with the thrill of modern equestrian sports. At the heart of this experience is the Goodwood Estate, a cornerstone of British heritage that offers a year-round venue for equine excellence.

Oliver Myles enhances this experience with exclusive VIP hospitality options at the Qatar Goodwood Festival, offering unparalleled luxury and service. From pulse-quickening races to elegant polo matches, each event is imbued with a sense of history and community.

For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Goodwood is not just a destination but a vibrant celebration of horse and heritage, promising unforgettable experiences in the picturesque British countryside. Whether you’re there to witness the refined competitions or partake in the lively social scene, Goodwood encapsulates the spirit of British equestrian culture, making every visit a memorable journey through time and tradition.